Performed at The Assembly Rooms, Norwich in October 2019

For our second excursion into the works of Shakespeare, we choose a fast-paced adaptation of Macbeth – a bloody tale which bursts with suspense and theatrical magic. This abridged version retained much of the original language and the tale of Macbeth’s murderous climb to the throne of Scotland delivered the mystery and magic of the original text in a condensed and easily-relatable form.

Performed by a cast of 9 older members, the play was created as a collaboration between the cast and directors, enabling the cast to learn and develop their characters within the rehearsal process. The result was a truly engaging, immersive production, performed in thrust, in a simple setting that demanded powerful performances from the actors and they delivered. A great production that was enjoyed by good audiences throughout the run and allowed some of our older more accomplished actors to conquer a challenging piece.

We were delighted also the be awarded Best Poster in the NODA Eastern Region for the fantastic artwork created by our volunteer graphic designer Jenni Newman – a well deserved accolade for her work.


The subtlety of the various styles and dialogues in this cleverly adapted version, the action to prevent a small stage space becoming static, those excellent sword fights learned with such precision to avoid possible accidents, the strength of feeling, along with the happening of the witches’ predictions just made us want to re-read the full play for the drama.

The characterisation of the men in this Macbeth was well observed and maintained in style and strength: Toby Ellett very dominating in his performance as Macduff and the relationships throughout, Patrick Kopecny as Banquo and the Bloody Sergeant versatile and complete in his two roles, and Leo Gordon of dominating stature managed to differentiate between his appearances as Duncan and Malcolm, Archie Robertson as Donaldblain, what a joy to see the strength of these young men and their future. 

National Operatic and Dramatic Association

Highly recommend ECHO Youth Theatre. Quick brewed Macbeth in half term was excellent. Highly talented actors, friendly and approachable team. Location was good too.
– Audience Member

Harry Wilson is the youngest Macbeth I have ever seen, but he turns in a fine performance, carefully nuanced and well timed, and is equalled in these achievements by Morven Renfrew as a Lady Macbeth going from cold steel to tortured despair. The hard working witches are wonderfully played by Matilda Chitty, Posy O’Rourke and Jenny Nicol, who each also take on several other roles in the drama. With a small cast of just nine the actors all work hard and each contribute to the wonderful atmosphere, enhanced by the Assembly House Noverre Room setting

Norwich Eye
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Throughout, the cast speak the verse with such ease and presence that it’s difficult to remember how young they all are … The production is slick and assured with a continuous underscoring of haunting sound effects and music which, with the lighting and pared-down set (the cauldron is superb!) creates a tension throughout the first act that promises – and delivers – great things.
Eastern Daily Press
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