Behind the Barricade – The Making of Echo’s “Les Misérables [School Edition]”

You take your seat in the auditorium. The lights dim, the audience falls quiet, the overture plays…and for the next couple of hours, 45 immensely talented Norfolk young people transport you from 21st-century Norwich to 19th-century Paris, captivating you with their talent and passion, as they bring to life this most beloved of musicals.

To get to this point, a year of meticulous planning, creativity and hard work will have transpired. Hundreds of hours, thousands of decisions, ups, downs, highs, lows, problems, solutions…a small army of people dedicating their time and energy to making just six performances as seemless and spellbinding as can be.

Our most ambitious production to date, we want to share a little of our ‘Les Mis’ journey – and the excitement we feel as theatre makers – with you. Join us behind the barricade

Chapter 1: Why Les Mis?

Chapter 2: Auditions & Casting