26TH – 29TH OCTOBER 2022

Echo Youth Theatre’s autumn 2022 production will be a dark, twisted version of Lewis Carroll’s story about Alice and her journeys through Wonderland and the Looking Glass.   This stage play has been adapted faithfully from the Lewis Carroll novels by Paul Mitchell and takes us on Alice’s journey in both words, verse and some song.

We are delighted to be returning to the Maddermarket Theatre with the production and look forward to using the theatre’s unique stage in an innovative way to tell this tale.

This amateur production of “Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass (Mitchell)” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.


Wed 26 Oct 7.30pm
Thu 27 Oct 2.30pm
Thu 27 Oct 7.30pm
Fri 28 Oct 7.30pm
Sat 29 Oct 2.30pm
Sat 29 Oct 7.30pm



The cast of this show worked hard to earn their place in the cast – it was an open audition and the standard of audition was so high.  We are excited about the show they will create with their creative team, led by Charley Nicol.  This will be an ensemble piece with lots of physical theatre and puppetry that will challenge both the cast and audience to reimagine the Alice we already know.

Imogen Howard Alice in Wonderland
Harriet Brightwell Alice Through the Looking Glass
Fleur Stimpson Bottle Voice / King of Hearts / Old Oyster
Esmeralda Hart Cake Voice / Dormouse
Persephone Hart Canary / Cheshire Cat / Five / Oyster / Ghost Oyster
Korben White Caterpillar / Gryphon / Unicorn
Lily Hambling Cheshire Cat
Mia Corsini Cheshire Cat
Minnie Harrington Cheshire Cat / Aged Aged Man
Maisie Double-Cook Cheshire Cat / Jester
Grace Manson Cockatoo / Lobster
Carrigan Matthews Cook / Red Queen
George Bartlett-Archery Dodgson / Dodo / Mock Turtle
Rain Wernham Duchess / White Queen (Sheep)
Emerson Kelly-Clarke Duckworth / Duck / White Knight
Annabelle Hitchings Edith / Eaglet / White King
Jemima Wilson Father William / Cheshire Cat / Red Knight
Isabelle Marrison Grackle
Maria Mirea Jester
Lorna Mackay Lorina / Lory / Tiger-Lily
Beth Buckley Mad Hatter / Hatta
Maisie Fletcher March Hare / Haigha
Alec McIntyre Mouse / Tweedledum
Louisa Corsini Old Magpie / Cheshire Cat / Knave / Fawn
Poppy Foley Queen Of Hearts / Lion
Heidi Robinson Seven / Humpty Dumpty
Kylara Pope Soldier / Tweedledee
Drew Matthews Two
Charlotte Sprot Unseen Voice / Father William
Devon Joe White White Rabbit (Carpenter)