26TH – 29TH OCTOBER 2022

Echo Youth Theatre’s autumn 2022 production will be a dark, twisted version of Lewis Carroll’s story about Alice and her journeys through Wonderland and the Looking Glass.   This stage play has been adapted faithfully from the Lewis Carroll novels by Paul Mitchell and takes us on Alice’s journey in both words, verse and some song.

We are delighted to be returning to the Maddermarket Theatre with the production and look forward to using the theatre’s unique stage in an innovative way to tell this tale.

Show Week will be Sun 23 Oct to Sat 29th Oct and you need to be fully available that week

This amateur production of “Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass (Mitchell)” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.


Rehearsing at St Edmund Church Fishergate NR3 1SE

Read Through

Saturday 9th July, 11am-4pm

Cast will collect their scripts and have a month to be “off book” in time for the first rehearsal.  At this session we will be reading through the script, discussing the show scene by scene and getting to know each other.

from Sat 6th Aug


10am-12pm & 1pm-4pm 

10am-12pm & 1pm-4pm


6pm-8pm (9pm)

10am-12pm & 1pm-4pm


6pm-8pm (9pm)

6pm-8pm (9pm)

10am-12pm & 1pm-4pm

The rehearsal schedule will call cast for specific scenes – you will not be required at every rehearsal – you only need to attend when called.

Please look at the full rehearsal schedule to see the requirements – the schedule is subject to change but it will give you an idea of the commitment required for each role.

The rehearsal period only allows for one setting rehearsal per scene, so it will be essential that you do attend when called.  However, we understand that you may have holidays booked in August and we will accommodate these, but please ensure you declare your non-availability at audition, so we can take your holidays into account.  The schedule will be finalised once casting is completed.

Cast members will be expected to learn their lines after the read-through and start rehearsals in August “off-book”.  The show is physical with lots of movement and puppets, so it will be difficult to set the scenes in rehearsal if cast are having to read off scripts.



Hello prospective Wonderlanders!

Are you ready to delve into Alice’s twisted dark world? The image for this show is dark, mysterious and confusing. Act 1 is set in Wonderland, an eerie monotone world with hints of UV and fluorescent. Everyone in Wonderland is mad… except for the Hatter. Wonderland will require the company to test their physical acting ability as they warp themselves into a range of characters. The world through the Looking Glass is a little less daunting, following Alice as she navigates her way across a giant red and white chessboard of pompousness, ridiculousness and war.

Due to the bitty nature of our story, these auditions will be a bit different from usual. Instead of auditioning for a character, you will be auditioning for a track of characters.   It is an ensemble company show and there are no solo principle characters.  Alice will be played by two actresses; one in Act 1’s Wonderland and the other through Act 2’s Looking Glass. There are five Puppeteer tracks, one doubling as Act 1 Alice, which require actors with focus, accuracy, and a desire to learn a new skill. Puppets will be used throughout our play to bring Alice’s story to life.

Audition applications are now open. Upon filling out the application form, please state any rehearsals you are unable to make at this stage. The role of Alice requires excellent availability from both actresses, with Track 01 requiring more availability across the whole rehearsal process. If you’re unsure which track you’d like to audition for, the Info Evening on Friday 10th June will offer the chance to ask questions, as well as get a sneak peak of some of our character designs. The ages stated below are merely an indicator of the playing age we’re looking for, rather than the age the actor is.

Regardless of which track you choose to audition for, you will automatically be considered for other tracks.  We look forward to welcoming you to Wonderland!


Prior to our auditions, we will be holding an information evening for parents, members and potential members – you do not need to attend this, but if you are undecided, or want to know more about the audition process, meet the team or see the audition venue before you audition, then we recommend you come along.   There is no obligation and no need to have already booked an audition, just come along and see and hear what we are about.  We will talk about the show, roles, rehearsals and the audition process.

Please also come along to the information evening if you are interested in supporting the production team backstage or on the tech side and are not auditioning.

Information Evening – Friday 10th June 2022 6pm – 8pm

Workshop Auditions – Friday 24th June 2022 6pm – 9pm (under 11s can leave at 8pm) – this is a mandatory part of the audition process for this show.

Individual auditions – Saturday 25th October 2022 (all day – individual times will be allocated within the 30 min window that you select).  All potential cast members need to book an individual audition for this show.

Links to the audition pieces and track/character notes are in the audition pack – link below.

If you are booking an individual audition, please choose one TRACK and prepare the audition scripts provided.  You can have the script with you in the audition, but please prepare your audition so you are able to perform without reading.  Whilst you may only audition for one track, you will be considered for other tracks and the panel may ask you at audition to try material from other tracks.


The minimum age for cast members is over the age of 8 at the date of performance.  The upper age is 19 but cast members aged 18-19 must also still be in full-time secondary education (ie on a school sixth form or college pupil roll) at the time of the show.

The costs for cast are:

  • EYT Annual Membership fee of £15 will need to be paid once casting is confirmed, if you are not already a member.
  • The show fee for cast members will be £50 and this will be required by the end of August. If this will cause any difficulties, please speak to us and we can discuss payments in instalments or financial support options from our sponsorship fund.
  • Scripts will be provided as part of the show fee.
  • All costumes are provided and cast are not expected to provide or purchase costumes, other than under-garments and possibly footwear.

Prior to auditioning, you will be asked to let us know of any planned absences – auditionees with excessive absences or if unavailable for key dates (such as run-throughs) are unlikely to be cast.  If you have any questions, please ask.  We are happy to accommodate a reasonable level of absence, if we are informed in advance.